Oct 28, 2013

Top Zed Brands

It’s time to nominate and vote for your favourite people, businesses and things to do in Zambia. #TopZedBrands is all about you. Reward the people and brands that give you the most value for your kwacha. The places where you eat, shop, play and relax give Zambia its life.
Your nominations and votes will create a Top 10 list of brands in Zambia of which we can be proud. Reward Zambian companies you are proud of by nominating them, promoting them and voting for them.

Schedule of events

  1. October 28 to November 15 you can nominate your #TopZedBrands. Send the name of the brand you are nominating together with your reasons for your nomination in one or two sentences. Nominate brands on Twitter @TopZedBrands using the hashtag #TopZedBrands,and through the #TopZedBrands Facebook page.
  2.   Between November 15 and November 20 a panel of judges (to be announced) will select a top 10 list of brands based on set criteria.
  3. Between November 20 and December 15, you the public have the final say as you vote in your top three brands.

Get nominating

You can nominate as many times as you like. Remember to tell us why you are nominating the brands you put forward. This is what we are looking for in the brands crowned #TopZedBrands:

  • Quality product or service you can depend on 
  •  Good customer service
  •   Impressive visual brand (logo and marketing message, packaging, or in-store visual brand)
  • A product or service you feel is export ready, and should be on international shelves

As you consider who to nominate consider your Zambian brand experiences, and what you know of brands across all sectors. Here are some suggestions:

  • Products made in Zambia
  • Food and drink - Your favourite dining spots.
  • Entertainment - The hottest spots in our area to have a good time. What are the best places to take your kids or hang out with friends?
  •  Retail -  The best shops that keep you coming back
  •  Fashion
  • Travel
  • Personal services – Head to toe, who does the best at pampering you
  • Professional services - Covering a wide range of services, which businesses do you trust to get the job done? Best home builder, hotel, lodge, residential real estate agent, auto repair, etc.
  • Financial services - banks, money transfer service companies
  • Agricultural brands
  • Industrial brands

Nominate by

Nominate brands on via @TopZedBrands and use the hashtag #TopZedBrands and through the #TopZedBrands Facebook page. Send the name of the brand you are nominating together with your reasons for your nomination in one or two sentences.  

Please help us reward the best brands that provide products and services in Zambia!