Mar 25, 2013

What's an Afropolitan?

Last week I attended a reading of Ghana Must Go by debut novelist, Taiye Selasi. I picked up a copy of this book about two weeks ago, read it in less than two days and have a review waiting to be published. In a nutshell, it was good and I was looking forward to meeting the author in person.  

But back to the reading…Taiye was very eloquent and engaging. Though familiar with the words and story in her book, I couldn’t help but be lulled by the quiet strength of her voice and the intimacy lent by the reading area at Powell’s Books.

She answered many audience questions about the writing process, her inspiration for the book, and so forth. What I enjoyed most were her thoughts about ‘self and home.’ These are major themes in her writings, articles and in her book. We shared a moment when she told us of her parents meeting in Lusaka, my hometown. 

As someone of African heritage and raised in Europe and the United States she has very unique experiences that inform her sense of what it is to be African, Ghanaian and Nigerian and where home is for her. As luck would have it, she published a piece in The Guardian a few days later which encompasses much of what she shared in the reading. Do read it to learn more, she does a much better job explaining this than I. 


I'm looking forward to reading Ghana Must Go this summer.

I will be sharing my book review in the coming days. Keep an eye out. :-)

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