Mar 30, 2013


I have been faithfully watching these. Thank you for posting them Miss B. I find myself cringing & getting so very upset at some of the characters & yet this is exactly what is happening out there.

You're welcome. As much as some of the story lines are cringe worthy we can't deny that this the reality many people are living, and we must ask ourselves how to turn the tide for the positive - all without being judgmental or glorifying poor decisions.

Congratulations on this production, i also happen to be a faithful follower of this series and i wanted to find out if episode 9 is out?
I also want to give you a big thumbs for the quality of the film and the characters,the camera quality, the effects oh my its like western movies more like HD. You really are portraying real life picture of the world we living in. Is there going to be a Zambian soap opera as spin off to this?

Thank you

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