Jan 3, 2013

Bigger, better 2013

Dear readers,

I trust that you all made a safe entry into 2013. Tis the time to reflect on our accomplishments of the past year, what we hope do better in the new and so forth. The one thing I hope to do on the blog this year is get back into my book reviews. I really slacked off last year as I had other distractions that took my focus away from enjoying my African literature and sharing reviews. Worry not, I did a lot of reading but it wasn’t much of the African literature that I’d hoped to do.

I have no shortage of promising books sitting on my bookshelves, and if I stay on track I should have enough to see me through the end of the year if I keep a steady pace of 1-2 books a months, not counting the other non-African literature I’ll keep up with. 

I will also be working on an updated look for the blog to freshen it up a bit and one that will allow me to set up an index of the book reviews making it easier for you to search. 

Thanks for your support, and a happy 2013 to all! 



Compliments of the New Year!

Thanks Nigel! Compliments lf the season to you as well. Looking forward to more from you with 263 Chats.

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