Dec 4, 2012

Zambia: We're rich, yet we're poor

 “Why Poverty” is a series of eight documentaries about poverty and is airing on various networks around the world. Last week, part three titled “Stealing Africa” aired and provoked a lot of discussion. The subject centres on Zambia’s copper industry – how the mines were sold, the tax evasion practices employed by multinationals such as Glencore, our government’s continued inability to put in place a tax regime that allows Zambia to retain a fair share of the wealth being extracted from the minerals in our country and so forth.

This is a worthwhile watch for everyone. There’s really no earth shattering news for anyone who knows what’s been happening in Zambia but it does beg the question, what are we going to do with this knowledge? 


Zambians have not been for violence until recent times as we see on the news of deaths and beatings. We need to educate people, 'cause just as politicians prey on the ignorant so it the world preying on our country. With knowing this, good leaders who are not at the forefront and abiding by God's word on humanity and that we must love one another, Zambia can be the best.

i watched this and it made so much sense. I have never lived in Zambia and I wasnt born there but my parents are Zambia so I identify with being Zambian. I visit last summer vacation and I loved it. I think there is alot to be done. we need better governance.

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