Oct 24, 2012

48 years later

Today marks the 48th anniversary of Zambia’s independence from Great Britain. I usually spend the build up to this day reflecting on the multitude of men and women who sacrificed one thing or another to make it possible for me and millions of others to be born in a free Zambia.

This time last year I focused some of my blog posts to highlight the work done by women freedom fighters, as they often unsung heroes in the retelling of our nationalist struggle. I remain in awe of these women and their male counterparts who stepped forward for a fight they believed to be justified.

I am eternally grateful that the struggle for Zambia was not drawn out and bloody; this I believe remains a cornerstone for the long lasting peace we continue to enjoy today.

The declaration on October 24, 1964 was just the first step. We must work daily to actualize the promises and hopes uttered on that day. 


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