Feb 10, 2012

Paying homage

A few weeks ago it was announced by Zambia’s new government that our currency would be rebased and 3-zeroes dropped. As a result of these actions new notes will need to be printed, and coins reintroduced and minted. A number of people have jokingly created the new-look Kwacha notes, as shown above.

I am vehemently against putting the face of any past or present president on any of our currency. Doing this just continues an unhealthy obsession with politicians, and only suits the interests of those making the decision as they try to idolise past mentors and the like. Ours is still a relatively young republic and the legacies of our four past presidents still being written.

I would much rather we use images from Zambia’s rich culture and customs to grace our currency, as we currently have. We have no shortage of beautiful wildlife, traditional ceremonies and natural wonders to highlight.

Printing and minting currencies is an expensive endeavour and why risk putting the image of politicians who may be out of favour in 5 years or have been for the last decade or more? There’s been a call from the Post Newspaper to put Kenneth Kaunda AGAIN, and the editor extols his great attributes as the founding president and so forth. To which I say, the man already has the main airport named after him along with a host of other buildings and structures, can’t we just end there?

There really isn’t any information forthcoming from the government as to what designs/images they are thinking of incorporating but if using people is an option on the table, I suggest we use non-politicians. Let’s honour folks like the National football team which perished while on national duty in 1993 or Mama Chikamoneka, a brave widow who led Zambian women to boycott colonial era stores that sold inferior products to the native population, and was a leading voice in agitating for independence.


Good post. Personally, I feel the new notes should look exactly like the current notes. I see no reason to have a completely new design

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