Feb 29, 2012

No news isn’t good news

This past weekend it really hit home for me how little news coverage we get on the television these days; in the United States that is. As a news junkie who enjoys being up to date with the latest world news it’s thoroughly disappointing to spend a weekend morning surfing channels and dodging talking heads in pursuit of basic news coverage.

24 hour networks manned by robots with shiny teeth and frosted hair regurgitating the same lines suited to make their target audience comfortable in their own ideology and acting as cheerleaders for their chosen politicians. It’s so hollow and superficial. I’m sick of it.

I want back substantive news, particularly international coverage. There ought to be less sensationalism and more intelligent analysis of the issues at hand. We keep hearing about how expensive it is to have bureaus abroad and to send reporters into the trenches, so instead we’re bombarded by endless tickers on the bottom of our screens and fancy graphics that tell us nothing.

Since this isn’t likely to change anytime soon, I’ll just stick to my AP and Reuters mobile apps, BBC and public radio, and BBC News Hour on public television. 

- Disgruntled news junkie


I am with you on this. Spend half my time travelling for work in the US and news here is just... terrible. Makes me happy for the slightly better coverage we get in Canada. And extra happy for the internet!

I don't think "intelligent analysis" means the same thing it did 10 or so years ago. In my opinion (and this is from someone working in academia)our generation and the ones coming after us are being trained in the art of what I call 'Postmodern intelligence' which basically is a code term for superficial and shallow. We have become a generation of sound bites...

So much is dumbed down to fit into pithy sound bites. I despair for us. But thank goodness for other news sources available on the web. If not for that, I don't know what I would do.

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