Dec 13, 2011


Dear reader, the next few weeks will be rather quiet here on Seize the Moment. I'm taking my annual holiday and will be catching up on rest, visiting family and whole host of other activities that will take me away from my beloved blog. I hope to see you back here in the New Year. 

I hope you had fantastic 2011, and that 2012 is even better! Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to more projects and blogging. 


BongoHive is a first of its kind innovation hub in Lusaka, Zambia that serves as a space with a core focus on giving the tech community a community facility where they can bring their ideas to life.The goal that these ideas can be harnessed and used to bring innovation to various fields such as health, education, and economics. 

BongoHive has been involved in organising tech meetups on Saturdays and has supported Google Technical User Group and Random Hacks of Kindness. This group was also involved in monitoring the recent elections held in Zambia via Bantu Watch

This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Lukonga Lindunda on Zambia Blog Talk Radio to learn more about BongoHive, and I'm pleased to share the audio from that show. 

Happy listening, as always. 

Dec 7, 2011

A path to success

As you well know I’m a big fan of CAMFED’s work in Zambia and other countries in southern Africa. They work to improve the lives of girls and women through education, business training and small grants. Yesterday, I received a flyer in the mail and in it were three different success stories on young women helped by the organisation. I jumped online to read more because I LOVE such stories and it makes it that much more meaningful to make a donation when I can see tangible results.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Dec 4, 2011

Chilu Lemba Interview

This past Saturday I interviewed Chilu Lemba on Zambia Blog Talk Radio. This was a wonderful experience because I've followed his career from the time he was an on air presenter at Radio Phoenix in Lusaka in the mid-90s. Fifteen years down the road Chilu has gathered a wealth of knowledge in radio, advertising and music, and I jumped on the opportunity to speak with him about his ongoing and upcoming projects. 

Here's the audio from the show!