Oct 24, 2011

Independence Day:Music Break

On this 47th anniversary of Zambia’s Independence I’m taking a musical break; nothing quite like mental relaxation. Enjoy!


I am finalising details for a conference to be held in Lusaka, 29030th March 2012.
Would you like to record 10 minutes of your thoughts on women in development for the start of the relevant session?
Hope so,


All sessions will be chaired by Zambians.

Agriculture and food security - Andrew Mwankasale -Agro-Economist,
World Bank, Lusaka
Resource Rich People Poor - Chair Oliver Saasa
Energy - Chair Elias Chipimo
Improving access to education and health - Chair Chileshe Chilangwa
Economic Development - Chair Trevor Simumba
Poverty Reduction - Chair Guy Scott - new VP, not yet confirmed
Emerging markets - Chair Caeser Siwale
Culture and Development - Chair Fr Nkumbala
The role of women in development - Chair Miriam Chonya
Sustainable Development - Chair - Rolf Shenton

John, I'll send you an email to get more information on this!

OK, I do hope you can provide a short piece on women and development. Miriam has agreed to chair what I hope will be an informative session,

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