Sep 23, 2011

Social Media & technology in elections

This Saturday I’ll be interviewing Brenda Zulu on Zambia Blog Talk Radio. Brenda is an Independent Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Journalist and “a leader of a Media Company, the African New Media Group which is specializes in delivering Web 2.0 services to it clients and also offers Media consultancy.” She has interests in the effective use of social media by media organizations, civil society and other parties, blogging, micro-blogging, computer and internet access in rural areas, among others.

Brenda’s most recent project has been her involvement in BantuWatch. BantuWatch is a joint initiative of civil society and (social) media activists in Zambia under leadership of SACCORD. The platform “allows citizens and civil society to monitor and report incidences around the electoral process in near real provides channels for citizens and civil society to use mobile phone, social media and other internet-based channels to report on electoral offences such as intimidation, hate speech, vote buying, violence, tension, polling clerk bias and voting misinformation.”

Many of you will recognize the Ushahidi platform being used by BantuWatch. Ushahidi was created in the aftermath of the post-election violence in Kenya as means to collect reports from the community via email and SMS. These reports were then placed on a map as a means of tracking. Innovative stuff!

In our discussion Brenda will talk about the work at BantuWatch, the successes and limitations of technology in the just ended general elections in Zambia. I’m really looking to this event!

The segment will air at 7 a.m. PST, 10 a.m. EST, 15 Hrs GMT, 16 Hrs CAT. 

Here is the link to listen 

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If you have questions you’d like to pose ahead of time send them along and I’ll be sure to ask them during the live show! Like all other segments that I’ve hosted, I will post the podcast for your listening pleasure. J


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