Sep 16, 2011

Issues based politics

In the run up to a highly contentious general election, one would expect the various candidates vying for jobs to be speaking on issues of substance. Substance would be:
  • A jobs plan that outlines mechanisms to encourage job creation i.e. through business loans with interest rates that aren’t set by loan sharks, tax breaks, etc
  • A plan to provide adequate and far reaching access to healthcare for all Zambians regardless of social standing
  • A plan to grow industry through the private sector ensuring Zambia moves from being a country that imports almost everything it consumes from tissue paper to light bulbs.

However, little of this is happening. Instead you have two major political parties led by two geriatrics who are solely focused on trading insults like street vendors fighting over ownership of a street corner. This distresses me because we don’t have a third party candidate who has chances of pulling an upset. And really, why must I take a pair of chaps seriously who seem to be playing with the fortunes of my people and our future?

When we reach a certain level of maturity and saviness we will challenge candidates to be serious or pay the penalty at the polls. This is as simple as asking pointedly “when you talk about fighting corruption, tell us the steps you will take as opposed to just saying “I’ll arrest all these thieves when I become president”” Instead of just following the status quo - it's us v them.

Countdown to September 20 continues...


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