Sep 20, 2011

Election Day – Sept 20, 2011

Today was the much anticipated election day in Zambia – presidential, parliamentary and local elections. According to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) an estimated 5.2 million people are registered voters. I kept track of the events throughout the course of the day with the help of friends, family, social media & local radio. Thank you everyone!

There were some delays and clashes in some areas of Lusaka that added unnecessary tension. Lilanda and Kanyama townships were two major flashpoints of unrest. 

Here’s an audio clip of voters in Lilanda speaking after they had been tear gassed by police officers.  In it you’ll hear a woman bemoaning the use of force when all they wanted to do was to vote in peace.

Here’s an audio clip of the ECZ public relations officer speaking about delays and how time extensions would be made to compensate for the lost time.

(Audio clips courtesy of Luciano Haambote of Radio Phoenix)

Doubt continued to be cast on the electoral process by some factions with more claims about pre-marked ballots and a lack of transparency. At this time I am not sure if any of the reports are verified – various monitoring entities such as BantuWatch and EU/SADC elections monitors have not confirmed the reports. We’ll have to wait for more information on this. 

Some pictures made available:

Polling station in Lusaka
Courtesy of Mannasseh Phiri, Jr

Truck with suspected pre-rmarked ballots set ablaze

And now, we wait for results to start coming in! 


The picture of the policeman and people around the bus looks so scary , How did it go ? Who wins ?

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