Sep 17, 2011

Bantu Watch

Civil Society Organisations in Zambia have launched an initiative called Bantu Watch using the Ushahidi platform to allow citizens across the country to report & track any issues during election time. These issues can be about ballots, intimidation, materials and equipment, security, vote counting & results, etc. 

You can submit a report by:
  • sending a SMS to 3018
  • sending an email to
  • sending a tweet with the hashtags #BantuWatch or #ZambiaElections 
  • or filling out the form on the website.

This is critical piece of technology that can greatly aid us in the election process. It allows citizens to have a voice beyond just what happens in the voting booth, and can act as mechanism to hold politicians and other officials accountable for actions that happen between now and when a new government is inaugurated. 

Visit the website to read current reports and to sign up for alerts. There is also a complementary Facebook page

Please spread the word! 


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