Aug 25, 2011

State of Affairs

In light of my earlier post, I found something to lift me out of my funk. Mutinta is gradually working her way to being my favourite Zambian artist. There's just something about her...enjoy the music break! 


She's fantastic!! This brought tears to my eyes...tears of gratitude. Her vidoes are amazingly different - they portray home in a real but dignified manner unlike what we are used to in Westrn media. Yes, there is poverty but that does not define who we are - we are still loving and holding on to one another despite the hardships.Can you tell me the story behind her? Where did she come from? Who is she?...assuming you know all this, of course :)

I'm happy to see that you enjoy her music as much as I do. The message in them is unrivaled!

I don't have a lot of information on her. But check out the interview Masuka did with her on ZedHair:

Thanks for sharing her video. Mutinta came up a bit after I left Zam, so I'm still just learning about her music. She's fabulous.

Thanks again for Mutinta - I love her and am (again) reposting this video on my blog. Very different to Chungwa but as beautiful.

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