Aug 25, 2011

Random thoughts

Today was one of those melancholy days for me. I read yet another depressing article about increasing HIV prevalence rates and my mood took a swift nosedive. I started to think of what I term as the lost generation – men and women who today would be in their productive 40s and 50s but are lost to us, victims of this scourge that continues to stalk millions.

I asked myself, “will my generation succumb to the same fate? Will our idealism and goals for the future die prematurely as we swiftly move en masse from this life to the next? Or will we be the ones who truly turn the tide? Using the vast resources we now have at our disposal to stay HIV-free and therefore staying productive longer to make a change in our world?”

I have to believe we will be the change that is needed, otherwise if there anything to look forward to? 


I know, AIDS has destroyed a whole generation. In Zim, we are missing a whole generation of folks from their late 20s to mid-40s. They all succumbed to that dreaded disease. Tragic.

It's very tragic indeed. I really want to see the tides turn on this one. We've lost too many as it is. Grandparents who should otherwise be enjoying retirement having to care for multiple grandkids on meagre incomes, weekly funerals...I'm over it!

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