Jul 19, 2011

Demo ya tiyene tonse!

Today’s post is short. I’d like to draw your attention to Malawi. Malawi is a special place to me; I spent part of my childhood there, and have an enduring fondness for the land and the people. July 20, 2011 is slated to be a day of peaceful protest by the people to voice their displeasure at the government led by Bingu Mutharika. This could go many ways it may be a bust or it may be the first step towards something big -  but whatever the outcome I hope peace prevails and that people’s voices are heard.  Anyone familiar with protest in this part of the world understands how often the government machinery uses its goons (political cadres + police) to inflict harm and cause confusion.

Read this post by Steve Sharra, currently based in Mzuzu, for more detail. 




Worst fears realised Bwalya.
Quote: President Bingu wa Mutharika said the protesters were “working for satan”.

“Each time we have a problem, is it a solution to go to the streets and demonstrate? I don’t think so,” he said in a state of the nation address.

“Those of you who have started this, I know you.”

Nice, short post Bwalya. I was frantically hoping that the Malawi protests would somehow snake their way from Malawi, through Zambia, and then onto Zimbabwe. These three countries are said to have Africa's most docile citizens. Having said that, Malawians have shown that we're far from docile and we'll fight (to the death) for causes that we believe in.

The reaction by Bingu through the police, his youth cadres and other goons by turning peaceful protest until an attack against the people. Sadder still is Bingu insulting the people by saying they're being led by Satan.

He's completely lost it. I hope the opposition can unite & put together a plan on how they will move Malawi in the right direction. Enough of poiticians whose primary goal is "to eat now. Eat as much as possible before someone takes away the cake."

A lesson to be heeded by others in the region!

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