Jun 1, 2011

Website Shout out!

Today a new website was launched, it’s called Diasporan Darlings. This is the brain child of Mukuka Mayuka and Vimbai Gwata – two young African bloggers (from Zambia and Zimbabwe, respectively) who’ve joined together to spotlight “the unique experiences of Africans in the Diaspora (and at home), and highlight the opportunities and challenges currently facing Africans residing outside their home countries.”
I connected with Mukuka via Twitter and her blog late last year and have been eagerly following the build up to today’s launch. It’s impressive, and I wish the team success in their endeavour.
Please check out the site and help promote a budding social community and network of Africans at home and abroad.
The website is www.diasporandarlings.com. You can also find them on Twitter - @DiasporanD and Facebook.  


Saw them first on FB, will check out the site.

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