May 15, 2011

Whistleblowing or personal vendetta

These days when I read news stories about self proclaimed whistleblowers who were once part of the ruling elite spilling their proverbial guts, I just shake my head with incredulity and have to control a slow rage from consuming my being.

If these political pariahs were witness to wrongdoing during their time in office why the deafening silence at the time? Is our system really bereft of checks and balances that these “selfless” Zambians had no confidence in speaking up? And if that’s truly the case, what benefit is there to speaking up now?

I just don’t buy it! It’s just another act of buffoonery; a lame attempt to endear themselves to an opposition movement that largely consists of disgruntled party hacks looking to settle personal scores with their former allies. Give us a break, please!  

Perhaps I would take some of the allegations seriously if real evidence was forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions office or even one of the newspapers for a detailed exposé when other avenues are closed, instead of the daily verbal volleys we’re being subjected to in the media. It’s classless and self-defeating.

Yes, there are aspects of our system that are ailing and need to be fixed. Why aren’t current and former insiders talking about this and actually doing it? We have a long way to go…


Our system does not protect whistleblowers. Even the DPP himself would not only not protect the whistleblower, but, most disappointingly, hevwould not pursue the matter if it involves the president and his cronies. What we need is serious institutional change. Nomenclature change is just cosmetic.

You are correct, whistleblowers do not have protections and that is an indictment of our systems that continue to be weakened by political maneuvering. I also think we are hampered by high profile cases where it's all about character assassination and not really about telling the truth. Just look at Mpombo & Molongoti.

These two were insiders for quite a while and are well positioned to uncover shady dealings but without decorum or even thought, they come across as nothing more than scorned housewives whose benefactor has found a younger

We do need institutional change that allows for people within public & private organizations to speak up when needed and add that extra layer of oversight.

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