May 7, 2011

Facebook Outreach

A few weeks ago I took the advice of a fellow blogger and set up a Facebook account for this blog. This is something I’d previously considered doing but opted not to because I wasn’t sure if people would access it and if it would indeed be a complementary tool.

So, why have I reversed my earlier decision? It’s become quite evident that Facebook remains the primary medium for communicating with readers, particularly those based in Africa. A friend told me pointedly, "Bwalya, Zambians don't read blogs we Facebook!" (A generalisation, of course, but quite true!) So, this is a way to make material more accessible for everyone.  

I will use the page to upload blog posts and updates in “Notes” form, and also to engage with readers who have comments or questions. 

You can access the Facebook page from here by clicking on "Seize the Moment on Facebook" link in the right hand navigation bar under "Connect on Facebook." To all of those who've already "Liked" the page and are following, thank you, and please spread the word that Seize the Moment has indeed joined Facebook


facebook and twitter is a must for bloggers, you're right.

I agree with your friend. While about 80% of my FB fan page come from Africa, on my blog it decreases to like 30%. All the best on FB, I'll be joining ASAP.

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