Apr 19, 2011

Ego check

Admittedly there is a certain amount of arrogance it takes for someone to seek positions of leadership, be it in a church, company, government, university, etc. You have to be pretty sure of yourself and have confidence that you’re the right person for that job – this could be delusional, but it’s there. Such people may not always be the most skilled for the job at hand but all credit for stepping up and grabbing at opportunities (in the absence of nepotism, of course).

The ugly side of this is when you start to believe your own hype with complete disregard for others. There is no ONE person who has the answer to every question. What makes us better is the ability to collaborate with others, constantly exchanging ideas. This applies to every one of us, especially those in leadership positions. So, please do yourself and others a favour by putting aside the God-complex and keep your ego in check. 


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