Mar 23, 2011

One year and counting

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog, Seize the Moment. Quite honestly I can hardly believe it; time has flown by so quickly since I decided to not only start a blog but to publish my first post (trust me there’s a distinction between those two actions). I periodically go through old postings and comments from readers to assess how things are going, how my thinking has evolved, and so forth.
I set out to use this blog as a platform for the exchange of ideas – to share my knowledge and thoughts with others, and vice versa. I have really enjoyed this experience, and I hope that others have as well. I am ever so grateful for the connections I have made here and on other blogs.
Recently I have focused some of my attention on reviewing African literature, and in particular Zambian literature. Part of this was driven by a personal challenge in 2010 to read more African literature, and I decided to review books as an aid to others looking to do the same. This is something I will continue to do until such a time that I grow weary of the task. I hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon; and perhaps if I do a good enough job, writers will send me their work so I can gain exposure to more literary works. J
I will admit much to my chagrin that I’ve been cheating on this blog with that little seducer, Twitter. I know…I know…I was very sceptical about Twitter until last May, but I've found it’s not all about airing personal laundry like I had thought (depending on who you follow). I have ‘met’ some very intelligent people who challenge my thinking and perspectives on various issues, and I think that is reflected in my postings here. I continue in my efforts to strike a healthy balance between the two platforms. I do not want this blog to become a casualty under the onslaught of micro-blogging.
I thank each and every single reader here for your continued open-minds, opinions, and support. As I get ready to kick off Year Two, I would like to hear from you. I would like to get a handle on your thoughts and experiences on this blog.
Here a few questions but feel free to offer anything you have to share! You can post here or send an email to bchileya (at) yahoo (dot) com.
Areas of Interest
What would you like to see more or less of on this blog?
Do you come here because you have similar interests?  Or because you have dissimilar interests?
Which direction do you think I should take my blog in year two (and beyond)?
What topics interest you most?
What about my blog makes you want to come back and read more posts/comments?
What are your favourite types of posts?  What are your least favourites?
Thank you.


Congratulations Bwalya. Your blog definitely inspired me to become more focused with my own blogging. The main that I feel I have learned and admire about you is your consistency. This is the most difficult thing to manage for any blogger. Your discipline to blog regularly is simply amazing. Also, I appreciate the clarity of your posts. You really think through stuff and are very analytical. I always learn something. Your passion for various issues is also evident. I like how you are able to mix up your topics so well and not dwell on one or two areas only. Blog on my friend. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Masuka said it all. Congrats on your blog anniversary.

You're doing a fantastic job MissBwalya :) I love the fact that you actually and literally seize the moment to speak on issues that are not only important to you but to all of us as human beings and communities. Like you I just started blogging last year and will be celebrating my one year anniversary in August. So I totally agree with you about the evolution of the mind and thought in the blogging process. There is a growth that takes place that is just spectacular. I'm truly and absolutely interested in women's development in every way, which I see is one of your interests so I'm glad you tackle this issue with gusto :) You and I have similar missions and interests. At the same time they are also dissimilar… but inter-related nonetheless. I live to inspire by being advocate personal development which to me is foundational to all other kinds of developments. And like Masuka says, your consistency is just admirable. I'm learning from you. And also, on behalf of aspiring writers such as myself, thank you for reviewing African Literature! I just love people with passion. Well done!!

Happy one year! You are doing a really good job. Keep it up.

Thank you all for the feedback. This means a lot, and I appreciate you taking time to read and respond.

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