Mar 11, 2011

Generation Alive

A group of young Zambian women have formed a movement called Generation Alive. "The new group’s goal is to increase the number of young women in leadership positions in politics and in civil society. Their target is to get at least ten young Zambian women running for office in the 2016 Parliamentary elections!”

This is a commendable goal given the fact that women only make up 14 percent of Zambia’s parliament; which is well below the 30 percent target set by SADC (Southern Africa Development Community). Zambia’s government set its goal at 50 percent in 2006.

One of the group members, Nana Zulu, articulates “Generation Alive is here to create an environment where emerging young female leaders in Zambia can interact and share experiences with older women leaders so as to bridge the generational gap in women’s leadership.”

I will continue to share more as information comes available!


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