Mar 21, 2011

Elias Chipimo's Vision for Zambia

NAREP (National Restoration Party) President Elias Chipimo Jr is currently on a month long book tour in the UK and U.S. His party website describes him as “an emerging leader with bold and ambitious development plans that would set the Southern African nation of Zambia on a path to becoming prosperous, progressive and green. President Chipimo believes that with the right leadership, Zambia can and will become the world’s next alternative energy 'super power'.”
Below is a copy of the prepared speech he’s sharing at his various stops. I listened to him yesterday (March 20) via Zambia Blog Talk Radio from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.


Elias Chipimo Jr. comes at time when Zambia needs, fresh, charismatic leadership. He will need to tour the country extensively and spread the NEW ZAMBIA message among its 14million citizens. I can only march behind this gallant son of the soil.Peter Bungane- Kitwe

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