Jan 13, 2011

What about the boys?

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A friend of mine posed an interesting question to me a while ago, that’s still got me thinking. He asked me as an avid supporter of girl child education – “what about the boys?”

This wasn’t difficult to answer because I believe strongly that ALL children deserve the opportunity to be educated. I particularly champion the education of females because we have historically been sidelined, and denied access to schools in favour of our brothers, cousins, and other males around us. While this may not be my own personal experience, my family isn’t too far removed from such practices and I have seen firsthand what happens when a child’s dreams of an education and a future are snuffed out by the ignorance of decision makers in their lives. It changes EVERYTHING!

I am not advocating a role reversal where male children are the ones made to stay home to cook and clean while their sisters go to school; that’s self defeating and completely asinine. What I want is for my male counterparts to get their heads out of the sand and realise that we’re working on undoing generations of harm done to females. This is not something done overnight just because we have a handful of noteworthy, high ranking females in society.

So, pardon me while I scale up that exclusive ladder, and don’t mind the hoard of sisters I am bringing with me. We’ll all be better off in the end. Don’t be threatened.


From @mimituu1

Miss Bwalya, strong men would not feel threatened by a reasoned aim at attaining balance. What I am not enthusiastic about are these sad ideas that gender war is the answer, male bashing is necessary for women empowerment etc. Replacing traditional chauvinism (male) with reverse chauvinism is not the answer. The symmetry of nature dictates interdependence.

Just in case the reasoning members of the male gender are not visible enough, I want to encourage you that we are out here.

Thanks for your comments, really appreciate you taking the time!

Gender bashing is never the answer, and certainly not something I advocate or practice. Men and women have a symbiotic relationship that cannot be diminished as long as the human race exists. What many of us want is for women to be treated equitably. We cannot continue to live in societies where women are “cherished” in words only.

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