Jan 21, 2011

To whom do they answer?

If you ever wonder about the value placed on your life and that of your fellow citizens, just listen to how our leaders speak.  
This week Malawi’s president, Bingu wa Mutharika, encouraged the police to “shoot-to-kill” suspected criminals. According to him Malawi simply cannot have these thugs threatening the ‘peaceful’ environment for investors in the country.  Read more
In addressing the risks posed by armed criminals, Mutharika makes no mention of protecting citizens, private property or anything else along those lines. It’s all about the foreign investors – they are numero uno!
When several Zambian miners were shot at and injured by their bosses, President Rupiah Banda, urged calm since the “country's economy is growing (because) investors are coming from everywhere," and we simply couldn’t have people speaking out against the mining companies that are accused of poor working and pay conditions.  Read more
The issue about the treatment of workers particularly miners has been discussed ad nauseam, and yet our government continues to pay pitiful lip service. Why should they be concerned as long the Chinese government continues to pour money into government coffers that can be used for shopping excursions in Sandton. Do they not understand that this economic boom they keep touting is a moot point as long as the majority of our people do not see the benefits in their own lives?

So my people, where does that leave us? Speak up now or continue to be sidelined in favour of those with stacks of cash and an eye on personal gain.   


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