Jan 4, 2011

Fighting Apathy

I really like this video by a youth organisation called Kiweni Serious in Kenya. The content really speaks for itself, and the underlying message is applicable to us all regardless of nationality. 


Thanks. This is a great video. We need more of this kind of messaging to avoid repeating the mistakes of our 'fathers'.

Thanks for writing posting this! I was just writing about youth apathy and I thought this was a great video....funnily I happen to be kenyan but I'd probably have never seen this without your timely post! haha here's what I wrote by the way. http://opinesofyouth.blogspot.com/2011/01/shallow-fountain-of-youth.html

I am glad you both enjoyed the video. It's very well done and the message is powerful.

"How are we as young people going to make a difference?"

@Oldgen, I read your blog post. Very interesting thoughts. I like how you strike the balance between critiquing young people's self-indulgent tendencies with praise for the positive work you've personally seen and the hope that WE can do something if we just try.

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