Jan 31, 2011

Addis calling

As we continue to watch events unravel in North Africa with the recent ouster of Ben Ali in Tunisia and the continued pressure on Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, we are hearing more voices from American and EU diplomats, and from a smattering of other loud mouths like Gaddafi voicing their concerns about the unrest. However, one voice is ominously silent, and this silence is very telling. What does the African Union say about all this?
Are they standing behind the people calling for more freedoms or are they stand united with their brothers – the strongmen holding on to power and the majority of the country’s resources.
Granted, the AU will never come out and throw one of their own to the wolves, they protect their own. But one would think they would come out with some sort of pithy statement about “urging the government of so-and-so to listen to the people and stand for democratic principles…” – or something along those lines. But then again, this is an organisation whose memberships boasts its fair share of former coup leaders and election thieves; they each know they themselves could be next and it doesn’t bode well to piss off the leader of what could be your home in exile.
For shame!


For shame indeed! Imagine Gaddafi is talking, I imagine he would be the next to be sacked. All these sit tight faux progressives.

The notable silence from the AU is an example of its performance in other areas. After all the pomp and splendour of its establishment, it has achieved no visible results.

At a time like this I am reminded of the lone stance taken by our late President Levy Mwanawasa to condemn Uncle Bob next door.

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