Dec 3, 2010

Where is your soul?

I surrender!!! I will never understand the kind of callousness and greed it takes for anyone put in a position of leadership (elected, appointed or anointed) to screw over people. If you read between the lines, you’ll see I am using much stronger language but for the sake of my mother who reads this blog, I’ll behave.

What ever happened to the ideals of serving your fellow man? As I think of the constant news of politicians and their comrades raking up wealth on the backs of the everyday man – I have to ask, what has happened to us?

Perhaps I am incredibly naïve to think that those of us who come from areas with crushing poverty would take our responsibilities more seriously. Who is better suited to fight tooth and nail for development opportunities for an area or group of people than a native son or daughter? If we are truly endowed with intelligence from our maker, why is this not TOP PRIORITY?

Why are native sons and daughters at the forefront looting and negotiating sweetheart deals for themselves and those closest to them - and thus broadening the gap from the rest of society? Are we so different from vultures lying in wait to pounce on an emaciated prey?

We open our mouths wide, crying like dying beasts about the evils of colonialism and neo-colonialism, while forgetting we are now the architects of our predicaments.

…Firms owned by MPs and Ministers overrepresented in lucrative government deals
…Pastors using church offerings and gifts to build mansions
…First ladies developing an appetite for only Ferragamo shoes

All while...

...mothers and children die in childbirth because of inadequate health facilities and trained staff
...thousands of children are growing up on the streets of major cities after the death of parents
...children are allowed to be incarcerated with their mothers in prisons whose conditions are akin to pig houses
...our brightest talents hawk cheap products on street corners and congested markets instead of harnessing their potential in viable industry.
I don’t get it.


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