Nov 7, 2010

Zambian culture in music

"Here we are now in 2010 and as I watch the floodgate of music that washes over the dam of our sensibilities, I hear nothing that brings me the pride of old. It has become a genre that resonates of Western ideologies mixed with local dialect tricks. What was once uniquely distinct has become the verbal musings of under-directed minions acting like little R&B puppets. The music itself is catchy, much like the useless regurgitated nonsense we hear on Western radio over and over. Catchy street phrases are turned into big hits, because they have a good bass line. Auto-tuned voices are becoming the norm, and our youngsters envy a culture they will never understand."
Soneka Kamuhuza at Zambia Insights writes the current culture of Zambian music, and is quite forthright about his views. He's not alone in his views about the evolution of Zambian music which seen an over-emphasis of a lot hip/hop culture and a decline in our traditional sounds and voices. That's not to say there isn't good music being made, there is, but we need to be honest about a lot of the inauthentic sounds taking a foothold.  

Read more of Kamuhuza's article. 


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