Nov 21, 2010

Still broken

A year ago I lost someone very dear to me, and it's always hard putting into words the emotions that come from such pain. I came across this poem from Reality's Dream a few months ago, and it really says it well. 

"A year apart nothings changed still
The past come full circle now its the present
12 months of sorrow cant even crack a smile
Try to mend the pieces fix them glue together
Piece by piece but still nothing feels right
I’m still broken i cant find the right glue
Or i just cant find the missing piece
The one that can make me whole again
I’m stuck in transit and cant catch my connection
The departure lounge that is my sorrow
Tried to retrace my step roll back to this exact moment
All i see is just tall grass and a foreign land
An alien in my own world your world
This is what it feels like when life happens
I’m still broken……………still"


Awww hon that poem is truly heartfelt. I feel your pain and my thoughts are with you especially at this time when the anniversary of their passing is still with you.

Thanks hon! All credit to Reality's Dream on this one. The words of this poem really are eloquent and worth sharing with others.

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