Nov 2, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today is Election Day here in the U.S.! I am positively excited for the end of negative campaign ads that have overwhelmed our lives in recent months. Starting this evening, we will see if the Tea Party is really a movement capable of capturing enough votes to tip the scales; and if Americans are truly frothing at the mouth in anger at the Obama administration.

Once all the votes have been counted and the dust begins to settle, I hope the American public will take a step back and analyse how things were conducted. Will vulgarity and fear mongering become the accepted means of political discourse? Will cooperation between members of opposing parties continue to be a dirty word? And will the interests of ordinary Americans continue to take a back seat to those of special interest groups that have literally pour millions in these races to ensure they have a bigger bargaining chip at the table when ‘their’ candidates have taken office?

If that’s going to be the accepted means of achieving and maintaining a democracy, no thank you! What a damn mess!

I was glad to see the turnout at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity” in DC this past weekend. The sound and moderate voices that still exist in this country saying they have had enough of the angry and often baseless rhetoric. As others have said, it’s a sad day when comedians are the voices of reason in the political debate.

Now we wait to see who has been elected, and if they have the ability to govern in their respective positions and tackle the issues at hand such as the fledgling economy.


As a devoted fan of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, I also find it ironic that comedians should be the ones to call for reason and balance in American politics. Our own leaders, politicians and even some civil society and faith-based activists also need to take it down a notch

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