Oct 7, 2010

Time to wake up

One of the things Zambians proudly tout is that we are a peaceful people. We haven’t experienced major civil strife or war unlike our some of our neighbours – Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

I have heard some cynics say Zambians are so laid back to the point of docility that this breeds a continuous cycle of politicians who find ways to mock us, suppress us, rob us, and disenfranchise us all with the knowledge that they can get away with it. This may seem harsh but it holds some truth.

If we took the relative peace in our country seriously and guarded it jealously, more people would be concerned by the continued thuggery that threatens to overshadow our upcoming elections. If we truly value a democratic process in which every Zambian over age 18 gets to vote for the candidate of his/her choice more people would be angered when stories emerge of would-be candidates being chased from registration office and their supporters harassed by other parties’ members and even the police.

To attain political maturity we must decry all elements that harken back to the dark days of one-party rule. We cannot go back to the days when one person and his inner council handpicked candidates for sham elections or just outright appointed people to serve regardless of their qualifications, popularity among the people or anything else other than their good fortune to be in the ‘in crowd’.

Zambia is ours and we all have a vested interest in everything that happens. Let us all say NO to MMD/PF/UPND cadres who are used as tools of their party leadership to inflict fear and harm on their fellow Zambians. We refuse to descend into anarchy just to appease the egos of a few lost men. No way, no how...


I condemn violence as a political tool in whatever form.

I am glad we are of the same mind on this issue. We need more Zambians to be vocal about their displeasure and send that message clearly to the perpetrators regardless of party affiliation.

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