Oct 5, 2010

Men are bleaching too

Below is a video that in my opinion is a sad commentary on how skin bleaching has become more pervasive in Zambia. As the narrator says, this is something that was once seen as something only women did but more men are increasingly engaged in the practice and it's amazing to what lengths people will go to achieve lighter skin.

I know it's a personal decision, and there's probably not much we can say or do to stop people from doing this but the biggest problem is the products themselves and how they are abused. As people mix creams to make their special concoctions, do they even know what the end product is and how it could irreparably damage their skin? Futhermore, what are the effects on our internal organs as these noxious creams are absorbed by your skin into your system?

Just what is wrong with having dark skin?


I think we should not bleach our skin. There is nothing wrong in having black skin. Thanks for sharing.

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