Oct 22, 2010

Back to the grind

Hello, dear readers! I am back from my mini-vacation. I was able to disengage my brain, for the most part, put away my electronics and just relax on the sandy beaches of Maui (and the pool side at the resort). 

The following wasn't going to be my initial post, but it just landed in my lap. The message runs parallel to some of the thinking I have been doing lately. Thanks to Deborah Elzie for sharing this video. Some really good visual evidence of the fact that AIDS retroviral drugs do help and we need keep funds flowing. 


Welcome back. I must say that I admire your consistency and discipline to keep on writing. This is what kills most blogs and writers. Keep writing and we will keep reading

Thanks dear! It definitely takes time and dedication but I enjoy this and that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for reading!

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