Sep 14, 2010

Random thoughts

Random thought today: 

In talking about empowering young girls and boys we often stress the need for a higher level of self worth, respect for self and others, self determination, etc. But how can we get there, when we set poor examples in our own homes.

A husband batters his wife, and she’s spends time in hospital. He claims he acted out of love. She goes back into his arms claiming it was all a misunderstanding and she’s standing by her man.

Dear woman, what are you teaching your children? Is the lesson to be learned that love does indeed hurt, and it’s okay to suffer physical harm at the hands of the man you love? Should your sons learn that it’s okay to degrade their wives or girlfriends in such a manner because it’s what a man does and a woman should take it as her lot?  

Dear man...


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