Sep 23, 2010

Random stats

Random stats...

Zambia registered 44 percent awareness of MDGs, while in the U.S. "more Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim (18 percent) than those who have heard of MDGs" (5 percent). J


Americans' knowledge about the world they so desperately want to control is dominated by their unlimited capacity to know and understand such things as villains and so called threats to their security. This should be the only superpower in the whole universe that believes that there is evil lacking in every corner of the world just waiting to destroy America. It is too much to expect them to understand such things as MDG because the effort will make their heads ache. Europeans are far more knowledge about the world compared to Americans. It is ironic that the Americans want to be the World's preminent superpower in a world they least understand! Look at how fashionable it is in the USA to condemn the all 'powerful UN'that is trying to and controlling American Foreign policy. Thankfully, the rest of the world sees it differently!

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