Sep 3, 2010

Feeling the love

A while back I sent an email to Ng’andu Magande, Zambia’s former Finance minister, asking whether he was going to use his position as an MP to re-introduce the scrapped windfall tax. He was on a media blitz at the time talking about the merits of the tax, and why it was in Zambia’s best interests to re-introduce it. So, like a good little citizen I wrote my letter and waited for a response.

Well, I didn’t hear back until today. In my mailbox now sits an invitation to visit his new profile at Netlog. My email evidently arrived, someone opened it, took note of my inquiry but instead of receiving an answer to my questions I was added to a bloody mailing list! Should I assume I’ll be receiving regular correspondence in which matters such as I ones I raised will be discussed or perhaps the new site will have this information? Highly unlikely...

I am caught somewhere between being peeved and dumbstruck…time to serve up a margarita!  


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