Sep 24, 2010

Equality discussion

This has been a hectic week with the events taking place in New York surrounding the Millennium Development Goals at the UN General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative. On yesterday’s Talk of the Nation program on NPR, Mary Robinson (former president of Ireland), Ngozi Nkonjo-Iweala (former finance minister in Nigeria) and Nicolas Kristof (NY Times columnist) were discussing the topic Equality still elusive for World’s women.

I’m deducting points for Neal Conan and his inability to practice pronouncing Dr Iweala’s name ahead of time!  J

A minor quibble I would like to note is my irritation with callers who always talk about going to ‘Africa’. Where in Africa did you go, we have 53 countries all very unique and diverse? While our human experience is generally similar across borders each country has a unique set of circumstances, and it's unfair to lump one's experience in say Benin to being one of Africa as a whole. 


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