Aug 11, 2010

Quality Street

To take a break from the monotony of full length novels, I like to read short stories. This past weekend I re-read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Quality Street. The basic premise is of a young woman who returns to her native Nigeria after many years abroad. As she’s re-adjusting and planning a wedding, she and her mother come to loggerheads at almost every turn.

I love this story because there are so many universal themes that transcend nationality, ethnicity and language to which most of us can relate.

Here’s one of my favourite excerpts:

“Perhaps Sochienne should never have been sent to college in America. But who knew a private university in Ohio would mean that Sochienne would return six years later, announcing that she was engaged to a Kenyan, refusing to eat meat, asking the baffled houseboys about fair wages, and wearing her hair in long rubbery dreadlocks?”

Read the story here.


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