Aug 3, 2010

President’s Forum with Young African Leaders

President Barack Obama is meeting with 115 young leaders from 46 sub-Saharan African nations during the President’s Forum for Young African Leaders. The forum will run from today, August 3rd through August 5th in Washington D.C.

"The forum is an opportunity for the young leaders to engage with another other, their American counterparts, and key U.S. policymakers". The discussions will revolve around some of the following topics – transparency, job creation, entrepreneurship, rights advocacy, and youth empowerment.

Here is what I got from the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka on Zambia’s participants:

  • Abigail Kaindu from Camfed and Samfya Women Filmmakers
  • Mundia Hakoola from the National Youth Anti-Corruption Movement
  • Brenda Phiri from Deloitte and Touche.
I’m following through Twitter #youngafrica, and live streams available at and Dipnote (the State Dept’s Blog)

As a matter of curiosity, does anyone know why our North African counterparts are not included in this forum?  I could be wrong having not seen the full list of attendees but by definition “sub-Saharan Africa” does not include parts of North Africa. ماذا يحدث (what’s going on?)


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