Aug 27, 2010

On a light note

I was going to post this last week but thought better of it until a couple of friends brought it up on FB, and prompted an interesting gabfest. I haven’t paid much interest in beauty contests since my teen years when I would spend time crowded around the tele with friends and family watching Miss World and Miss Universe. My favourite segment aside from the Q&A was always the National Costume – Miss Brazil would invariably have on some colourful carnival get up and we were always curious to see what the African girls would have on to represent their culture.

Well, this year at the Miss Universe competition, Miss Zambia outdid herself. Is it impolite of me to say that I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard after the incredulity wore off? Just what was she thinking? Or better yet, what was the designer thinking?

I understand that designers often take liberties with national costumes taking one cultural aspect here and a relevant element there, while adding their own creative impressions. With that said though, in Miss Zambia’s case - some fabric for a skirt and an overwhelming amount of calabash shells for her bra and accent pieces throughout. This definitely falls in the “Oh no, she didn’t” category!

Did this really represent the essence of our country/culture? 

Photo from missuniverse


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