Jul 29, 2010

Trade not Aid!

This upcoming Saturday (July 31, 2010), Kenyan Economist James Shikwati will be speaking on Zambia Blog Talk Radio (ZBTR). Shikwati is the founder of Inter Region Economic Network and is founder CEO of The African Executive. The focus of the discussion will be the need for “Trade not Aid” to Africa.

Shikwati echoes a lot of what Dambisa Moyo and Bill Easterly espouse in that aid to Africa not only finances huge bureaucracies that are often corrupt and inefficient, but also stifles the spirit of entreprenism and has entrenched a beggar mentality in us in which a white saviour must swoop in to save us! (How do you like my paraphrasing?)

So, most of this we already know and has been discussed ad nauseam. I’m interested to hear his ideas for developing markets to produce locally the things we consume and revitalising entrepreneurial activities. There is much to be done beyond just turning off the aid tap.

I think I’ll post a summary/review on this discussion.

The programme will air at 7 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST/3 p.m. GMT/4 p.m. CAT

Here is the link to listen


I listened to this via my Podcast, alas no James but a recording!

I did hear you though...I am sure that was you! You should get your own talk show! lol!

It's a shame he wasn't on the show in person, coz it would have been interesting to have him answer some questions.

And wot's this about someone impersonating me? tsk tsk...LOL!

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