Jun 28, 2010

Rural Solar Engineers

I’ve been reading up on solar energy and came across this Youtube video. It showcases the rural women who have brought solar electricity to rural villages in various African countries.  It is also challenges our ideas about formal education and technical training. Now, how do we make this more widespread? 


Ba Bwalya,

Can one sponsor a woman or women to Barefoot college?
What is the cost per person for 6 moons?

Did you notice that there were responses from countries around Zambia including projections but none from Zambia?

Anyway, I have some people in mind that I can bet my money on - they are rural bound and they would like to stay that way. However, they would be happier to be of assistance to fellow rural dwellers because such is their way of life.
We can start with a woman at a time if permissible.

I've looked on the website to see how participants are nominated and I haven't found that information. I know the college is funded by int'l funding agencies, private foundations, corporate and private contributions. According to the website $5,000 will "solar-electrify 10 households and train 2 rural, semi-literate or illiterate women to become Barefoot Solar Engineers in 6 months".

I've sent an email to Bunker Roy (Director of Barefoot College) to get information about sponsorship possibilities and how coordination works locally. If I get an answer, I'll be sure to pass along the information.

I did indeed notice that there were no participants from Zambia which made me wonder why that was the case. More reading is in store for me.

You're right though, we can start small and go from there.

Thanks ba Bwalya. I will wait.

Ba Mwata, I still haven't heard back from the Barefoot College. I'll try sending another email, and hope for success this time around.

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