Jun 7, 2010

Is it fear?

Why is it that in the year 2010, I still have to read about women denied education, the right to hold a job, the right to choose how many children they want and the even the right to move freely in their communities?

What is it about women being empowered to make economic, social, and personal decisions that frighten men so?
  • Is it the natural order of things that someone must always be subordinate and in humankind that (dis)honour falls to women?
  • Is it a fear that if we have enough power and influence we’ll turn around and subjugate men, treating them as unfairly as many of us have been treated?
Men, gird your loins! We have no desire to be men or be like men; so rest easy your masculinity is not risk. We want for ourselves, and for our children the opportunities to be successful. Life is hard enough as it is without the additional shackles that keep many women chained to the kitchen or maternity bed.

Women in the economy should be seen as partners and not usurpers.

Science doesn’t support earlier notions that women aren’t as clever as men. So, there goes the argument that women can’t think or fend for themselves.

And if you want to go back further using the religious argument, I am pretty sure it’s written woman is a companion and partner to man, not simply his brood mare. See Genesis 2:20.

So, what’s the fear that drives a general disenfranchisement of women? Or is there no fear at all, just an unwillingness to do away with the status quo? This is definitely not just typical of the developing world so we can’t say this is a poor man’s problem. Men, what scares you so? 

photo credit: Afrochic Photography


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