May 28, 2010

This Week

Zambia’s former Finance Minister, Katele Kalumba, was found guilty of corruption and handed a 5 year sentence with hard labour. He and six other co-defendants allegedly siphoned money from the treasury through a secret intelligence account managed by the Xavier Chungu, chief of security at the time.

U.S. ally in the horn of Africa, Meles Zenawi has been re-elected. Prime Minister Zenawi’s party is reported to have scooped 87 percent of the parliament seats. Opposition leaders were crying foul before polls closed to no avail. Here’s to you, democracy!

And in other despot news, Sudan’s Al-Bashir has been sworn in for another term in office. To help celebrate, Daniel Arap Moi (ex-despot) of Kenya made an appearance.

Researchers at World Fish Centre in Malawi announced the supply of fish in Lake Malawi plunged by more than 90 percent over two decades. This is attributed to a drop in the lake’s water level, population growth and overfishing.

And finally….today is the 14 day mark until the start of World Cup 2010…FOOTBALL LOVERS UNITE!!!


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