May 7, 2010

This Week

The 20th World Economic Forum on Africa in Dar es Salaam just concluded today. The theme was “Re-thinking Africa’s growth strategy”. There are some webcasts available on the website, though not all from the sessions that were held.

Kenya published its Draft Constitution. Some of the main highlights of the new constitution are measures to curtail the sweeping powers of Kenya’s imperial-like presidency, enhance individual rights and give more power to local governments.

Joseph Kabila, DRC’s president, is intervening in the current power struggle in Zimbabwe’s ‘inclusive’ government. Apparently he is unhappy with the slow pace of negotiations and sent an envoy to help move things along. I have to ask how the negotiations in Eastern Congo are going to bring an end to the violence that continues to claim the lives of innocent civilians on Kabila’s watch.

The World Cup trophy has started it’s month long tour of South Africa before the start of the tournament. Thousands have been queuing up to have their pictures taken with it. History is slowly unfolding...


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