Apr 16, 2010

This Week

In the world this week...

Sudan witnessed what should have been a historic event. The first multi-party elections in almost 25 years. Things went by with little violence, but the process was mired by accounts of harrassment and intimidation of voters by security forces, and many of the major political parties withdrew their candidates before the polls opened. So, Bashir will be re-elected and his party will hold a majority is parliament. What's next for this country? 

World Cup fever is spreading in South Africa. Thousands queued up overnight to snap up 500,000  tickets across the country. I am sure this is a welcome reprieve from the nastiness that has unfolded in the last few weeks with racial tensions on the rise. I really hope this turns out to be one of the best tournaments in recent history! 

Tanzania granted citizenship to refugees who fled Burundi 38 years ago. Most aren't still living in camps, and have integrated into the larger community. This is truly unprecedented, and hats off to the Tanzanian people and their government!

Implementation of Zimbabwe's indigenisation law has been put on hold. The law requires that businesses worth over $500,000 have a 51 percent ownership by indigenous Zimbabweans. 

Reports from Lusaka, Zambia have confirmed that a cholera outbreak has killed over 130 and sickened close to 5,000 since March. This outbreak has been attributed to the recent flooding after torrential rains. 


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