Apr 7, 2010

Lusaka housing and flooding

In recent months, several areas of Lusaka, Zambia have been submerged by flood water. This is primarily due to heavy rains coupled with poor drainage. I found some footage of that shows the story and really puts a face to this sad situation. Some of the displaced residents are now living in tent camps, and it raises the question - how long will this temporary housing last?

The central government recently deployed national army reserves to dig temporary drainages to allow stagnant water to flow into the main waterway systems. An effort has started to sensitive people on clean hygiene to stem the spread of communicable diseases such as cholera.

These are all good first steps but larger issues still loom:
  • what is being done to prevent this catastrophic flooding from happening again?
  • are there plans to construct safer houses in planned areas with adequate drainage systems?
Link to Video Story


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