Apr 8, 2010

Deadly Cargo

The following is an audio slideshow from the Guardian newspaper. It covers the sex trade in the Zambian border town of Chirundu. Chirundu has a population of 4,000 and has about 350 sex workers, and has been dubbed an HIV-AIDS transmission hotspot.

For anyone with limited knowledge about sex workers in Zambia and Africa, as a whole, I want to add something before you watch the slideshow. Many women engaging in commercial sex trade do so to earn a living. Many admit and acknowledge the danger of engaging in commercial sex and say there is little they can do because they have to survive at all costs. Some are widows with children to raise, and others are orphans - whose parents have sometimes succumbed to this disease. These claims are supported by high levels of unemployment and poverty, limited educational opportunities, and the like.

So, before you throw stones, consider the desperation it takes for a woman to sleep with multiple partners in order to put food in her belly, and to provide some semblance of a normal life for her children.


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